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Common Mistakes People Make To Improve Energy Efficiency

August 25, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Closing Your Bedroom DoorsSummers can be hot and winters can be cold. We cannot control the weather outside, but indoors, we can maintain a constant temperature. Your A/C or furnace unit, while extremely handy, can take a big chunk out of your pocket if left on. In an attempt to save money and energy, here are some common misconceptions that people still make today.

Closing Your Bedroom Doors

By closing your bedroom doors, you can limit the amount of air movement required to heat or cool down a room. This makes sense at first, but when you break it down air will remain trapped and continue to build up pressure. This will force the air to escape and attract more air to replace the amount lost. Expect to see a 200% increase in air drawn and a definite increase in your utility bills.

Will Closing My Heat Vents Save Energy?

The answer is no. One common misconception is that closing your heat vents will reduce your usage of energy. This is actually the opposite and can potentially harm your furnace. When you close your heat vents, pressure is built up and forced into spaces where you don’t even need it at. You’re still paying for your energy, but it’s drawn to places that you can’t use.

Thick Walls Do Not Mean Better Efficiency

Many people believe that their wall thickness determines their efficiency. It does not. The construction of your wall is important because the amount of heat being released outside is dependent on the properties of your wall.

People continue to apply these methods to their homes every day. Not only will this reduce your energy efficiency but many people are so adamant that their theory works. It’s no wonder homeowners are baffled when they see their utility bill.



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