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Rising sea level to swallow few island nations

December 3, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Article written by : Quick Home Tips 

Global warming is threatening the mere survival of many island nations. Since 1800s, sea level has risen nearly a foot. Rising sea level is impacting more island nations in the Pacific and Indian oceans than any other. Among island nations that are threatened by rising sea level, Maldives (in the Indian Ocean), Nauru and Kiribati (a former partial British colony in the Pacific Ocean) have been mentioned more often than others.

Global warming is melting the ice more rapidly than any other time in the history. According to a recent study, oceans are absorbing heat 15 percent faster than it did 10,000 years ago. Additionally, heated water expands causing additional problems for island nations. Before many of island nations are swallowed by rising seas, they will run out of fresh water for consumption. Spreading diseases can’t be avoided due to limited space, population increases and many other factors.

Island nations such as Maldives and Kiribati are looking to purchase land in neighboring countries such as India and Fiji respectively. They are appealing to the United Nation and world leaders asking industrialized nations take responsibility for global warming and requiring them to compensate islands now, not later.

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