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The Benefits of Modern-Day Construction Law for the Tech-Savvy Owner

September 4, 2019 by · Leave a Comment 

Summary: Construction law is an extremely important parts of the law. Moreover, it can help owners of construction sites in many ways and may even save them from a claim.

Construction law is one of the most overlooked subfields of law. The primary reason being that only those involved within the construction industry know what’s at stake. However, the good thing is that there are numerous practicing lawyers that specialize in this subject, so rather than facing an assortment of ignored aspects, many are settled out of court instead.

How Does Construction Law Benefit You?

Construction law encompasses a variety of different legal issues that relate to the field of construction. Many of these legal issues fall under state, federal, or local laws.

On a federal level, issues can involve employments laws or safety regulations. Federal statutes may enforce requirements on worksites. On a state level, numerous additional regulations can be added on top of the existing deferral ones. For instance, environmental rules and safety regulations may be applicable. On local levels, county and city ordinances can enforce a variety of restrictions that can singlehandedly change the way a construction site operates, such as zoning laws or noise created.

How Can a Consultant Help You?

One of the most common issues of construction law disputes surrounds budget, or money. Construction projects are extremely expensive and can often costs millions of dollars. It is also quite common to see delays or projects that go over budget, causing issues between parties. This is where a construction claims consultant or experienced construction turnaround services can help out.

When these issues come up, construction companies and contractors have a number of different legal options that they can pursue. By speaking with a construction specialist or attorney, parties can have a representative like Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting that can handle issues such as contract breaches or liens.

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