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Benefit From Water jet Precision

September 10, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

As business sectors grow increasingly competitive, and consumers demand increases, precision in manufacturing is an absolute necessity. With the competition chomping at the bit to steal your customers, giving people exactly what they want, when they want it is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business today.

This is true nowhere more than in manufacturing, where a single mistake can wind up costing you a vendor’s business, and substantial revenue dollars. To ensure production accuracy and quality, many manufacturers utilize computer controlled cutting machinery, and water jet cutter machines are one of the most precise in the comfort and support industry.

Water jet cutters make use of a highly pressurized stream of water, barely .005 inches in diameter, that cuts foam quickly and precisely. This machine can create a couch or stool cushion with clean lines and smooth curves more intricately than any individual could ever come close to accomplishing by hand. On some machines, the water stream is at pressures exceeding 60,000 PSI, and can be either pure water or abrasive-treated for additional cutting strength. A water-only jet can slice through four and a half inches of polyurethane soft foam with ease, while an abrasive waterjet can go through almost one and a half feet of the same material, though that machine will experience a shorter lifespan than the one that is water-only.

Foam custom-cut on a water jet is affordable for single runs like prototypes, because it just requires computer programming and no physical plates or dies. Without the lead times required to build those plates, the turnaround between submitting plans and getting your product is greatly lessened.

Waterjet cutters are able to switch on and off, allowing them to cut out the inside of a foam shape without entering from the outside edge. With this capability, products like gaskets can be created, with an opening in the middle and a consistent outer edge for a seal.

If you are in need of a precise job, done to exact specifications, consider doing business with a waterjet owner to get the results you need.

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