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Planning Is A Key Element In Construction Projects

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Construction ProjectsThe complexity of construction projects requires every party involved to plan ahead. Failing to plan properly will result in numerous mishaps and delays that will ultimately cost owners a significant amount of money.

Emphasis on Communication

Owners taking on a large project are faced with the daunting task of ensuring its success. It’s absolutely beneficial for owners to work alongside construction consultants and other parties. Because construction is a two-way street, all of the parties involved must be in constant communication with each other – the project essentially depends on it. Any miscommunications will end up plaguing the entire project from start to finish.

Schedule Compression

Time is a luxury that many construction projects just don’t have. This is why all projects are on the fast track essentially. There’s already a large amount of time involved in the conceptual design process as well as the project development. This doesn’t leave the construction team much leisure time. The compression has led to a variety of scheduling issues that tend to end up as claims.

For owners, it’s important that they maintain a timely and cost-effective project. Greater effort and cooperation must be ensured during the middle stages of the entire project in order to minimize any impacts. Construction consulting services offer organizational help on large-scaled projects and are an excellent reference for owners. It helps to get a fresh pair of eyes looking at the project. Through their experiences helping other projects, they can implement what they know would work best.

Bio: Lyle Charles offers professional construction consulting for any party within a project. With decades of experience under his belt, he can help turn your project around.

The Drawbacks of Construction Contracts

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The-Drawbacks-of-Construction-ContractsConstruction contracts have become increasingly difficult over the years. With contracts at times containing over 400 pages of placed responsibilities, not to mention, terms and conditions, owners and contractors are forced to manage risks on an entirely new scale. Because the industry is a complex setting, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that construction delay claims are as common as they are. Owners and contractors continue to rely on legalistic strategies to control and manage the numerous risks associated with the project.

Time is Money

There are some serious drawbacks to disputing resolutions with one of them being money. Contrary to common belief, disputants choosing arbitration over litigation will not save as much money as they expect to. Regardless of the outcome, money will still be a major factor when it comes to the entire process. An alternative disputing technique that has been becoming more popular is construction mediation. Known to be a voluntary process that avoids the court, a third party mediator is hired to assist both parties in finding a settlement.

The Pros of Mediation

One of the benefits of mediation is that there is risk and cost control associated with the entire process. The disputants are the ones that are in control of the entire process, from discussion to negotiation. It’s important that these matters are resolved by both parties rather than someone else as both cost and risk control substantially increase when the latter is not achieved. In the process of mediation, both parties can agree on a mutually beneficial scenario so that no one party has to lose.

Bio: Lyle Charles, of Lyle Charles Consulting, is a steel fabrication expert, structural steel expert, and business consulting with over 40 years in the construction industry.

The Benefits of Hiring a Construction Claims Expert

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The-Benefits-of-Hiring-a-Construction-Claims-ExpertIf you want to hire someone to handle the stress of a construction claim, talk to the experts. A construction claims expert is someone that handles the entirety of the claim for you, from start to finish. If you skip the settlement process and decide to head straight to the court system for a solution, then you’ll need a claim that’s drafted with the most detail.

Construction claims consultants will guide you through the claim and explain all of verbiage that is used. It’s going to be worthless if you don’t understand what’s actually on the claim itself. You need to have an idea of what’s going on during the entire ordeal. Because a claim can delay the entire project and end up costing the company tons of money, it’s important that the severity of the issue at hand is emphasized in complete detail.

If you’re looking to hire a construction claims consultant, you’ll want to do plenty of research online checking both credentials and availability. Also note that you want someone that has extensive experience working in the claims department. You want someone that knows what they’re doing as they are the first step when it comes to a claim.

When you want peace of mind and a deep analysis of your case, look into hiring the right construction claims management service. Be sure to do the appropriate research prior to hiring this person as you want efficiency. You won’t have to be in this situation by yourself, and with proper guidance, you could potentially have the outcome that you deserve.

Air Filters: A Quick Guide

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air filterWritten by: Your Filter Connection

Everyday, dust mites feed off the 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells the body sheds every minute, but before they can, mites need dust to mature.  And one of the biggest methods for preventing dust from entering a home is a clean A/C or heater filters.  Even worse, old and worn-out devices can cause heavy loads of dust, lead to allergies and even asthma flare-ups. If you’re in the market for a new filter, here’s a quick guide for understanding the differences and usages for each one.


Fiberglass and Polyester


Considered the cheapest of the four, fiberglass and polyester capture large particles like lint and dust. However, because of their inability to capture smaller objects—like pollen or dander—people with sensitive noses can still experience discomfort. Still, because of their inexpensiveness and simplicity to dispose of, most people will choose these types of filters.


Washable and Reusable

Upping the purchasing cost, washable filters provide a convenient solution to protecting homes against large particles. Ideal for either furnaces or air filters, these products can be used for years, so long as they are cleaned regularly. For example, a replacement honeywell air filter can last a few months or a few years if the filter is washable. Disposable options also exist if the goal is immediate cost-savings.



Compared to the previous two, pleated filters are easily disposed of while capturing larger particles through its mesh lining. Typically, pleated filters work well with protecting a household against dust mites and lint, but against smaller objects, like virus carriers, smog and smoke, these filters prove futile.



Electrostatic filters offer protection against small and large particles, but compared to the others, requires constant changing to maintain its effectiveness. Still, an electrostatic furnace filter or an A/C unit will ward off pollen, smoke, smog, virus carriers and even mold. For individuals with intense allergies or asthma attacks should consider investing in electrostatic filters. The added quality ensures the best possible air quality with the fewest possible pollutants.


While each of the four provides its own advantages and disadvantages, they all help ward off some type of pollutant that can further aggravate asthma or allergies. Depending on your sensitivity to pollen or dust, you may not need an expensive filter. And to further prevent any flare-ups, ensure to clean your sheets, remove any carpeting and ensure carpets are vacuumed regularly.

How to Maintain a Refinery

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Refineries, especially in regions like Southern California, can provide a valuable source of jobs and income for a company. Every day that a refinery remains out of operation is costing the company money, and it’s keeping people out of work. Refineries also need to be maintained, the same as any other kind of facility. The needs may be different, but it still means down time. The goal of construction & turnaround services is to minimize these delays.

Down Time

Typical turnaround can involve months of down time while a facility is brought up to code, or new equipment is added. This means significant downtime for the plant, which cannot continue operations safely under those conditions. This is an expensive proposition for any business because they are essentially paying double for the downtime. Once for the downtime itself, and again for the equipment and labor required to fix the problem.

A poorly managed turnaround can be the downfall of a company.

As a result, there is intense pressure to get these events finished as quickly as possible. Fortunately, most turnarounds are scheduled well in advance. The exceptions being disasters or accidents that can cause irreparable harm without any kind of warning.

There is also time required for inspection and testing. A structural steel expert may be called to verify the integrity of a structure, or to ensure that the steel ordered is what was actually delivered.


In order to handle the immense work, coordination needs to begin early. Planning should begin months or years in advance.

Bio: Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that helps construction companies with project management, turnaround and planning. Lyle Charles is also available as an expert witness or private mediator.

How to Determine the Durability of Steel

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The job of a structural steel expert is to assess the authenticity and quality of the materials in a construction project. This isn’t a job for newbies, and those with experience tend to recognize faults in materials that untrained eyes would otherwise miss. Faulty concrete or steel can mean accidents and ultimately lawsuits down the road if you’re found responsible. Don’t get caught out of position. Know what goes into the projects you build by learning how to assess the quality of the steel you buy.

Know Your Steel

There are many kinds of steel, but the two most common types are known as 304 and 316. The main quality that separates the two is the addition of Molybdenum to type 316, which is known to increase resistance to corrosion. Knowing these facts will help you choose steel of the proper type for the environment you’re working in.

Be Careful About Delivery

Corrosion can come from elements interacting with the steel, or from the welding job done to it. Pay close attention to your own needs before you buy supplies. It can also begin at the time the steel is delivered to the job site.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself in a dispute over materials used, hire a construction claims consultant. The paperwork alone is worth the cost, but experts will help you identify the causes of corrosion and find what’s legally to blame for the fault during construction claim preparation. Of course, you can shield yourself now by learning what to look for when you buy materials.

Source: Lyle Charles handles construction claims processing in the United States. For more information on construction mediation services, contact Lyle Charles Consulting.

Tips to Secure the Doors in Your Home

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Intruders usually enter through doors and windows of the home. Since burglars tend to identify unsecured homes for break-ins, it’s important to reinforce and secure these entry ways. Doors should also be secured against extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. A bit of planning and these tips can help you prevent unauthorized break-ins and protect your home from catastrophic weather events.

Cost-effective lighting at entrances

Lights at the entry door, garage(s), or side/back doors are important. Make sure you’ve installed bright lights at these entrances. Install motion sensor lights if you’re concerned about remembering to turn the lights on at dusk. These lights are stimulated when an individual walks past them. Solar powered lighting is another cost-effective strategy for securing these entrances.

Peepholes and deadbolts

Small changes, such as peepholes at front or frequently used side and back doors, can add security to your entrance points. Deadbolts are also a low-cost and effective strategy for protecting the home from the inside out.

Secure sliding glass doors and adjacent windows

Sliding doors with glass are beautiful, but easily broken by intruders seeking access to the home. Install horizontally fitted bar locks on these doors, and make sure to add window locks adjacent to the door. Don’t install bars with keys because, in an emergency, these might not be handy.

Extreme weather

Keep doors closed and locked at all times, and close windows, shades, blinds, and curtains when you’re away from home. Make sure that all inner and outer doors are locked. If you live in an area where storms frequently occur, storm shutters should be available for use prior to the arrival of a hurricane or other extreme storm. Alternatively, use wooden boards and nails to keep windows protected and sealed shut before the storm hits.


Orderyour Replacement Honeywell Air Filter Today

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If you are looking to replace your filters you can order your replacement honeywell air filter today by browsing the Internet to find the company that has the biggest selection to choose from and the most affordable prices. There are many companies available online which can give you the filters you need at a price that will be significantly lower than what your local dealers would charge you.

The amount that you will actually pay will depend on the filter brand, the amount of filters and the company in which you place your order from. Most of the time you can save more money by ordering in bulk which is an option for those that need to change their filters regularly for their home or office. By choosing to replace them on a normal basis can prevent any future problems with the furnance.

You can find online by viewing reviews from previous customers and comparing the prices and inventory. Before you ever choose a company to buy your air filter from you should compare each to get the best deal possible. You can also avoid purchasing from companies that will give you less than desirable service by skipping over those businesses that have little to no feedback or mostly negative. Shopping for a replacement furnace filter may seem like a daunting task but can actually be quite easy if you take the time needed to check out what various stores have to offer you and choose the one with the most to offer and at an affordable price.

Getting the Best Furnace Filter –

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Of course the home or business’ furnace filter is of paramount importance.  That being said, getting the best and having it easy to maintenance is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

The furnace keeps the building or structure is warm.  Systems like water go through it and of course this allows for many comforts.  The electrostatic furnace filter is of considerable importance as it is specifically designed to keep the heating system working at its peak efficiency.  Neglect of this type of filter or getting one of substandard quality can place one and one’s property at considerable risk.  Getting a filter like this saves money too.  The investment in equipment for your business and home means that you want the best you can buy and the safest.  One should never get second best when it comes to this kind of decision.  Another alternative that shouldn’t be ignored are the filtrete air filters which do a wonderful job on their own.  Choosing which filter to get is one that calls for expertise and this company prides itself in that.  Let them do their job and examine and assess your particular home or business situation and they’ll gladly walk you through the safest and most affordable solution.

This company is your filter connection and that’s an understatement.  Their years of expertise brings about a sense of security and comfort that allows for a reassurance that your hard earned money deserves. In order to grab more information , visit the site

Filtrate For Your Home

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When you own a home there are dozens of things that pop up.  Stuff happens that you would never think about before, but now that you’re a homeowner, you have to deal with.  There are things to do and fix, and replace.  It’s hard keeping track of when everything needs to be changed or updated or replaced.  Take your filtrate for example.  It is possible to have several different types of filtrates around your home.  You could have them for the air conditioner, heater, air filter, water, and more.  But, it is very important that they are replaced regularly.  Make sure that you go online and find out how often your specific type of filer needs to be changed, or how to determine by looking at it when it needs to be replaced.

3m filtrate is the top brand for filters.  When it comes to something like the quality of air you breathe, water you drink, or your personal safety, make sure that you are choosing the best.  3m filtrate is also affordable, so make sure that whatever filter you are replacing, you replace it with a 3m or another top of the line products.

Personal safety places a big part when it comes to an electrostatic furnace filter.  Your furnace contains a lot of toxins and germs, on account of so much heat being there.  It is a very dangerous place, and to maintain the safety and cleanliness of your home, it should be changed regularly.

Owning a home is extremely rewarding, but there are things that you have to do to ensure you and your family’s safety.  Change your filters, buy good brands, and be knowledgeable about the filters in your home.

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