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Upgrading Your Farm’s Electric Fencing

June 4, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Homes use fencing primarily for privacy, but farm fencing serves an entirely different (and more necessary) function. Farm fencing must be durable to protect against threats from animals and wildlife, and it must be able to withstand the harsh elements where farmers sometimes need to grow crops. In addition, fencing must protect from other wildlife, either those who seek to invade the vegetable garden for a tasty treat or those that stalk cattle and chickens.


Upgrading so much fencing is not a simple project.

Plan the Layout

In most cases, an electric fence offers the psychological deterrent a farmer is looking for when trying to create a safe space for crops and livestock. The first step in this process is to go over the grounds with an agricultural specialist and have this person draw up some plans for how you might divide the land. Try to make sure there is direct access to the farm house, and that roads do not exceed 16 feet in width. 10-12 feet should be ideal, as you can safely move supplies from a truck within that space.

It’s also best if you keep your paddocks in a square or rectangle shape, which helps in topping and fertilizing the land. It’s also a very efficient method of land use.

Choosing Posts and Wiring

A Gallagher fence offers a pen for livestock, especially horses, while creating a safer environment for them. You don’t need to spend two or three times the cheapest kind of fencing, but you should be prepared to pay for value. If the fencing is treated in creosote, and the wiring is properly galvanized, you should be able to get multiple years of life from your system easily. Mild steel wire will hold a charge, and may be great for small animals in small enclosures, but it doesn’t tend to withstand the strains of extended use.

Tips and Tricks

It’s expensive to provide a charge to a large fence line, but you can do some things to help cut costs. Try trimming away excess vegetation, with the system turned off, to reduce wasted power. Good insulation and proper earthing are also key components.

Smaller gardens and pens may also benefit from a solar powered electric fence, which is cheaper to run and just as easy to set up. Solar powered fencing is recommended only in areas that receive strong sunlight.

Tips on Buying Used Golf Course Equipment

February 5, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

This article was written by Global Turf Equipment

Maintaining a golf course is expensive, and much of that has to do with the equipment. From blowers and vacuums to fairway mowers, greens rollers, and spreaders, keeping a golf course neat and tidy requires over a dozen machines.  To save money, many superintendents purchase used golf course equipment. In fact, you can save up to 50 percent on golf course maintenance equipment simply by purchasing used machines.

But how do you know that you’re buying good equipment? How do you know the used sand pro won’t break down on you the next day? The fact is that purchasing used equipment is easier said than done. If you buy used equipment from the wrong retailer, you can end up with low-quality equipment or a machine with worn-out parts. If you’re in the market for used golf course equipment, it’s important to do your research before making a purchase. Here are a few tips on how to get your money’s worth when buying used golf course equipment.

Look for Refurbished Golf Course Equipment

While on the hunt for the perfect equipment, keep an eye out for the word refurbished. Unlike used equipment, refurbished equipment has been completely restored to its original state. A typical refurbished reel master from Global Turf Equipment, for example, has been disassembled, thoroughly inspected, and then carefully rebuilt. If the technician finds worn or broken parts during the inspection, he or she will rebuild, repair, or replace the parts as needed.

In addition to the interior, a refurbished machine also gets cosmetically overhauled with new pains, new decals, and new grip tape as needed. The final result is a machine that looks and performs like new.

Say Yes to Brand Name Machines

A beautiful golf course requires high-quality equipment to keep it looking healthy and nice. For the most part, this means you will need trusted, brand name equipment. Although it might be tempting to cut costs on generic equipment, don’t. Buy brand name equipment with a reputation for offering high-quality products.

Get Affordable Shipping

Don’t forget about shipping costs. Large golf course equipment can be expensive to ship. Even if you find a great deal online, you might end up paying a fortune in shipping costs. As you shop for golf course equipment online, pay attention to shipping costs and factor it into the final amount. Stay within your budget by going with a retailer that promises affordable shipping.


Global Turf Equipment is an online retailer of used and refurbished golf course equipment. Visit the website to purchase a Jacobsen mower or other brand name golf course equipment.

The Importance of a Solid, Strong Mattress Foundation

October 24, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

It would make no sense to build a brand-new, beautiful home on shoddy foundation, or to manufacture a car on a weak, rusty frame. No matter how wonderful the components of a product may be, the foundation system will eventually impact every other aspect of an item, no matter what it is. Mattresses and bedding are a perfect example.

The predominant focus in bedding today is on foam comfort layers and toppers. It makes sense, as these are the things we’re in direct contact with, making it seem like it’s the most integral part to a satisfying sleep experience. But while the comfort layer of a mattress is important, the foundation of a bed carries the greatest impact on its long-term functionality and enjoyability, especially when topped with foam mattresses.

The foundation in a foam bed provides a support system to the mattress, as well as the individual sleeping on it. Weak foundations diminish the ability of a bed to support a body in the ways it needs to. An old, worn-out foundation can lead to misalignment and sagging in the comfort layers.

For foam mattress builds, the foundation needs to be the strongest part of the entire bed. A foundation that’s softer or less supportive than the sleep layer will not provide the body with what it needs and will break down quickly. Materials like high-density open-cell foam make outstanding foundations, as do high-quality latex foam bases. A comfort layer will have virtually no effect on the enjoyment of your bed if a shoddy foundation is undermining what it’s trying to do!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source a for foam bed products, including memory foam, conventional foam, and even contoured pillows.


Artificial Grass Lawns Conserve Water and Money

October 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Who doesn’t want a lush, beautiful yard? But maintaining natural grass and landscapes takes hard work. It also requires a lot of water — a precious resource that we can’t afford to waste. About 60 percent of a homeowner’s household water goes toward garden and lawn maintenance. And this amount could easily increase if you live in a dessert climate or if you have a pool. So how can you conserve water and still enjoy a beautiful yard? It’s time to change the way we maintain our yards.

There are many ways homeowners can conserve water and tend to their yards. Learning how to create a water-rise landscape is one of the most important ways you can save water and money on your energy bills. The following is a brief guide on how to create a water-wise landscape to save water and money.

Install artificial grass. You don’t have to ditch the idea of having a beautiful emerald green lawn. However, instead of natural grass, consider installing artificial grass. Decades ago, artificial grass wasn’t as nice or realistic as it is today. It also wasn’t healthy for the environment. However, advanced artificial grass products that are available today look and feel just like natural grass. Since fake grass doesn’t need water, you can landscape your yard with fake grass and significantly reduce the amount of water you need to use to maintain your yard. In fact, an artificial grass lawn can save you up to 550 gallons of water per year per square meter.

In addition to saving water, artificial grass lawns save homeowners a lot of time and money on maintenance. Unlike natural grass, an artificial lawn does not have to be mowed, fertilized, or checked for weeds. It also won’t fade or die during the off season. Artificial grass is also healthy for the environment. In addition to conserving water, it eliminates the need to use harmful pesticides. The final result is a lush yard that requires little maintenance if any.

Plant native plants and flowers: Another way to save water in your landscape is to plant local plants and flowers. For example, if you live in the dessert, create a landscape with desert adapted plants. These plants can live longer without being watered and are already accustomed to the environment you live in. Installing an artificial grass lawn from a leading artificial grass supplier along with native and drought-resistant plants and flowers will ensure that you save water and money.


This article was sponsored by CCGrass Landscapes, a professional artificial grass manufacturer, designer, and innovator. The company provides worldwide installation in more than 72 countries. Visit CCGrass Landscapes to purchase synthetic grass. 

Reasons to Buy Tankless Water Heaters

September 30, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Many homes are equipped with the traditional tank water heaters versus the tankless system. There is no one solution for every person, so we are going to explore the reasons why you may want to consider a tankless water heater installation.

First, let us consider the benefits of the current system, the tank heater. The tank heater has some obvious benefits, one of them being a constant supply of hot water stored in a tank and ready for use. This system has also been tried and true for several years with a whole host of ready solutions in the event of a breakdown. A tank heater is probably already installed in your home, so there is no need to procure a new unit and pay for its installation.

However, there are a few areas where the tank water heaters are inefficient in comparison to a tankless system. While it is a benefit to have water ready in a tank, the truth is, the water sits in the tank most of the day before ever being used. The water in the tank needs to maintain temperature, so the heater must be constantly keeping the water hot and under pressure. This is a very inefficient use of energy and unrealistic when compared to the actual daily usage of hot water in the average home.

A tankless water heater, on the other hand, only heats water when water is needed. This makes the tankless system the “green” or more energy efficient solution. The obvious concern is whether the tankless water heater can produce hot water on demand as it claims. This is definitely a valid worry, especially with more persons in a household. However, consider that not all tankless water heaters are created equal. When you buy tankless water heaters, it is important to do your research on the specific product to find out what its track record has been and what other consumers have said about that particular model.

Aside from conserving energy, tankless water heaters also conserve space. Whereas the tank system requires space for the tank unit itself, the tankless water heater is so much smaller in comparison; it can be mounted on the wall.

Another concern has been the cost to install a tankless water heater. Consider for a moment that the reason you may be thinking about installing a new water heater is perhaps because the current one is getting old or showing signs of its age. So if you are in this situation, you will need to spend money on a new unit to install anyhow. So what would the difference be between a tank versus a tankless water heater in this case? Well, a tankless water heater’s life expectancy is double that of a tank unit.
Guest post is provided by Payless Water Heaters. If you are consider to purchase a tankless gas water heater, contact us at

Artificial Grass for Your Home

September 17, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

If you have difficulty keeping your front lawn alive and well presented, then it is time to consider putting in artificial grass for your home. There are a lot of positives associated with installing artificial grass, such as saving money, less time spent on landscaping, and beautification of your home.

Having an artificial grass lawn saves the homeowner a lot of money on different expenses. Firstly, the amount of money spent on your water bill will go down. Since there is no need to water your grass, the sprinklers will not be needed nearly as much, and it will reduce your total water usage. On average, having a fake lawn can save you up to 550 gallons of water a year- not just monetarily friendly, but eco-friendly as well. Secondly, the amount of money you spend on landscaping will go right back into your wallet. With an artificial grass lawn, no landscaping is needed! So no more gardeners or lawn mowers- it is already done. And thirdly, you will save money on the beautification of your lawn. Gone are the days when you needed to buy sod or new grass. With artificial grass, you do not have to worry about its upkeep or replacing it every year.

Another nice thing about having artificial grass is the amount of extra time you will have that you used to spend on landscaping. If you hired a landscaper, he or she is no longer needed. And if you were doing the landscaping yourself, it is not required! When you purchase your artificial grass lawn, you can decide what it looks like and how it will be presented in your lawn, so you will have a beautiful lawn that doesn’t change every week.

And it really is beautiful! If you purchase high quality artificial grass, neighbors and guests will not be able to tell the difference. The artificial grass can be matched to the natural grass of the area you live in, so it looks the same as how a real lawn would be. The only difference is that this lawn doesn’t need constant attention, saves you money, and keeps a weight off your mind!

Having artificial grass in residential areas provides the homeowners with peace of mind and the neighbors with a beautiful addition to the neighborhood. It is something to consider when wanting to save money in the long term and not needing to worry about giving constant attention to your front or back yard.


Guest post sponsored by CCGrass Landscapes, provider of artificial grass lawns. For more information, visit their website at 

Benefit From Water jet Precision

September 10, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

As business sectors grow increasingly competitive, and consumers demand increases, precision in manufacturing is an absolute necessity. With the competition chomping at the bit to steal your customers, giving people exactly what they want, when they want it is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business today.

This is true nowhere more than in manufacturing, where a single mistake can wind up costing you a vendor’s business, and substantial revenue dollars. To ensure production accuracy and quality, many manufacturers utilize computer controlled cutting machinery, and water jet cutter machines are one of the most precise in the comfort and support industry.

Water jet cutters make use of a highly pressurized stream of water, barely .005 inches in diameter, that cuts foam quickly and precisely. This machine can create a couch or stool cushion with clean lines and smooth curves more intricately than any individual could ever come close to accomplishing by hand. On some machines, the water stream is at pressures exceeding 60,000 PSI, and can be either pure water or abrasive-treated for additional cutting strength. A water-only jet can slice through four and a half inches of polyurethane soft foam with ease, while an abrasive waterjet can go through almost one and a half feet of the same material, though that machine will experience a shorter lifespan than the one that is water-only.

Foam custom-cut on a water jet is affordable for single runs like prototypes, because it just requires computer programming and no physical plates or dies. Without the lead times required to build those plates, the turnaround between submitting plans and getting your product is greatly lessened.

Waterjet cutters are able to switch on and off, allowing them to cut out the inside of a foam shape without entering from the outside edge. With this capability, products like gaskets can be created, with an opening in the middle and a consistent outer edge for a seal.

If you are in need of a precise job, done to exact specifications, consider doing business with a waterjet owner to get the results you need.

The Practicality and Functionality of the Simple Sponge

August 29, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Man-made sponges are seen everywhere, from the shower, to the sink, to the car wash, but some people may not be aware that they’re modeled after one of nature’s most interesting and functional creations. Natural sponges are aquatic animals; the simplest ones on the planet actually. Their bodies, a term used fairly loosely, filter water from which they gather the nutrients they need to survive. This design, when removed from water, makes them naturally absorbent, a design synthetic sponges have managed to successfully replicate.

Made of polyurethane foam, absorbent foam sponges are able to hold water and soap for cleaning dishes, vehicles, and for bathing. With enough abrasiveness to remove grit and dirt from surfaces, they’re also soft enough to not scratch or hurt dishware and skin. Many varieties of dish cleaning sponges have an attached scouring pad on one side to give it extra cleaning ability for difficult stains and baked-on food.

Sponges don’t exist exclusively to get a job done however, and many are made into pieces of foam that children can use for water toys and arts and crafts. Their absorbent nature makes them great learning tools for young children, while being soft and safe. When dipped in ink or paint, sponges become stamping toys as well.

Sponges are the foundation of many DIY projects around the house as well. Bars of soap placed on a sponge in the bathroom helps the soap keep longer. When attached around the handle of a shovel or rake, a sponge turns into a padded grip that can prevent blisters. When cut into little pieces, they can pad picture frames and clocks, keeping them from scratching walls. No matter how they’re used, sponges possess a unique set of characteristics that lend themselves to innumerable uses.

Use Foam Inserts to Keep Your Possessions Safe

August 8, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

The uses for protective, foam-filled briefcases go far beyond what we see in popular cultures. Few people are double agents needing a quickly assembled, silenced pistol in a secret briefcase compartment, and there aren’t many people transporting gems and jewels in suitcases either. Fortunately, for the rest of us, there are uses for foam packing that have plenty of real-world applications that apply to people’s everyday lives.

A custom case with customized foam isolates items from impact and virtually eliminates movement within the case, whether it carries one item or many. One of the most popular uses for foam inserts is in photography, as camera equipment is costly and modular, requiring many different pieces that need to be kept safe while still remaining accessible. Hard shell cases do a good job protecting against the elements and external damage, while resilient interior foam, like strong bed wedge pillows, stabilize the item and absorb shock.

Cases and inserts have a big role for many hobbies too. Hunters and marksmen who want to ensure the safety and upkeep of their firearms routinely use foam-padded cases. Made to be locked, they keep contents safe, while keeping others from gaining access. Padded security cases are very helpful in the scientific community as well. Many experiments and tests require on-site measurements and calculations, necessitating delicate and expensive instruments being transported to various locations. Custom shapes carved into the foam can hold every component securely in place, preventing damage to delicate equipment and making it easy to gather necessary data.

Even on a small scale, students and professionals can benefit from this degree of protection for their laptops and electronics. Foam inserts are made in anti-static formulations which benefit these uses, as well as many of the aforementioned testing and instrument applications. These help prevent the invisible buildup and damaging transfer of electro-static energy to housed components.

Give Somebody Special the Gift of Relaxation and Comfort

July 18, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the best gifts you can give is something that improves the recipient’s quality of life and helps them feel better when they use it. Doing this doesn’t have to break the bank either. As long as a gift is meaningful and genuine, it will be appreciated, no matter how much you spend on it. A gift of comfort falls right along those lines, whether it’s a holiday, birthday, or just because. Some of the best comfort products are made of foam that’s also affordable and durable, making them the perfect choice to give to somebody important.

Because of the versatility of the material, foam is able to be made into a wide range of comfort products that suit any kind of comfort need. Whether used in a body pillow, formed into a seating wedge, or a comfortable neck pillow for traveling, foam products can offer comfort that makes anybody’s day better.

For somebody who is having problems with the firmness of their bed, a foam pad mattress topper can boost comfort without diminishing support and be the perfect gift. If somebody spends their whole day at a desk or driving, a memory foam wedge can offer heat-sensitive softness while providing just enough of a boost to help reduce back pain. For individuals with circulation issues, or those who just like to prop up their legs when relaxing, a firm foam pillow like a round bolster under the knees can make reading, watching TV, and relaxing after a long day that much more comfortable. Soft foam travel-sized pillows can help you get some sleep on plane and train trips, or at the very least, make them comfier. Even something as simple as a foam kneeling pad for your favorite green thumb, or someone who spends all their free time crawling under cars in the garage can make their hobbies more enjoyable. Giving somebody the gift of comfort is like giving the gift of happiness, as people can enjoy their lives more, and foam can play a big role in making that happen.

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