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The Importance of a Solid, Strong Mattress Foundation

October 24, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

It would make no sense to build a brand-new, beautiful home on shoddy foundation, or to manufacture a car on a weak, rusty frame. No matter how wonderful the components of a product may be, the foundation system will eventually impact every other aspect of an item, no matter what it is. Mattresses and bedding are a perfect example.

The predominant focus in bedding today is on foam comfort layers and toppers. It makes sense, as these are the things we’re in direct contact with, making it seem like it’s the most integral part to a satisfying sleep experience. But while the comfort layer of a mattress is important, the foundation of a bed carries the greatest impact on its long-term functionality and enjoyability, especially when topped with foam mattresses.

The foundation in a foam bed provides a support system to the mattress, as well as the individual sleeping on it. Weak foundations diminish the ability of a bed to support a body in the ways it needs to. An old, worn-out foundation can lead to misalignment and sagging in the comfort layers.

For foam mattress builds, the foundation needs to be the strongest part of the entire bed. A foundation that’s softer or less supportive than the sleep layer will not provide the body with what it needs and will break down quickly. Materials like high-density open-cell foam make outstanding foundations, as do high-quality latex foam bases. A comfort layer will have virtually no effect on the enjoyment of your bed if a shoddy foundation is undermining what it’s trying to do!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source a for foam bed products, including memory foam, conventional foam, and even contoured pillows.


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