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Artificial Grass Lawns Conserve Water and Money

October 21, 2013 by · Leave a Comment 

Who doesn’t want a lush, beautiful yard? But maintaining natural grass and landscapes takes hard work. It also requires a lot of water — a precious resource that we can’t afford to waste. About 60 percent of a homeowner’s household water goes toward garden and lawn maintenance. And this amount could easily increase if you live in a dessert climate or if you have a pool. So how can you conserve water and still enjoy a beautiful yard? It’s time to change the way we maintain our yards.

There are many ways homeowners can conserve water and tend to their yards. Learning how to create a water-rise landscape is one of the most important ways you can save water and money on your energy bills. The following is a brief guide on how to create a water-wise landscape to save water and money.

Install artificial grass. You don’t have to ditch the idea of having a beautiful emerald green lawn. However, instead of natural grass, consider installing artificial grass. Decades ago, artificial grass wasn’t as nice or realistic as it is today. It also wasn’t healthy for the environment. However, advanced artificial grass products that are available today look and feel just like natural grass. Since fake grass doesn’t need water, you can landscape your yard with fake grass and significantly reduce the amount of water you need to use to maintain your yard. In fact, an artificial grass lawn can save you up to 550 gallons of water per year per square meter.

In addition to saving water, artificial grass lawns save homeowners a lot of time and money on maintenance. Unlike natural grass, an artificial lawn does not have to be mowed, fertilized, or checked for weeds. It also won’t fade or die during the off season. Artificial grass is also healthy for the environment. In addition to conserving water, it eliminates the need to use harmful pesticides. The final result is a lush yard that requires little maintenance if any.

Plant native plants and flowers: Another way to save water in your landscape is to plant local plants and flowers. For example, if you live in the dessert, create a landscape with desert adapted plants. These plants can live longer without being watered and are already accustomed to the environment you live in. Installing an artificial grass lawn from a leading artificial grass supplier along with native and drought-resistant plants and flowers will ensure that you save water and money.


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