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Artificial Grass for Children’s Backyards

October 31, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

If you have children, you want to give them the best play areas possible. This includes making sure that your yard has everything they need to run, explore and enjoy the outdoors. You want your yard spaces to be fun but also safe for your children and their friends to enjoy any time.

One way to do this is to install a synthetic lawn at your home. Many people know that artificial turf lawns offer several benefits versus traditional natural grass lawns including lower maintenance needs, fewer costs associated with upkeep and helping the environment by using less water. What they might not know is that artificial turf is also a safe and popular choice for yards where children will be playing.

Some of the reasons that synthetic lawns make sense for children include:

Less Mess: Kids love rolling around on the ground and digging up grass when playing outside. This is great for them but can be a major headache for you. Kids are extremely messy and often bring their messes into the house with dirty and muddy footprints. This mess can also extend to their clothing when they are rolling in the grass. And if your kid decides to “dig for pirate treasure” in your lawn, this can mean costly repairs and unsightly holes.

Replacing your natural grass with artificial grass eliminates these problems. You never have to worry about how dirty your kids will get, since there is no dirt or mud with a synthetic lawn. Kids — and pets — also can’t dig holes in artificial grass lawns.

Safety: The last thing that a parent wants to happen is for their child to get hurt while playing outside. It’s impossible to make any outdoor area completely safe but installing artificial grass lawns can make a difference. Many artificial turf lawns come with a shock-absorbent bottom layer that is ideal for areas where kids will be playing. If they fall down, the padding makes it a softer — and hopefully safer — fall. This is in contrast to natural grass that can get hard because it is dry in the summer or cold and frozen in the winter.

You’ll want to use some precautions when installing and using an artificial turf lawn. Try to select a lawn that uses a natural in-fill like sand instead of rubber pieces that small children might dig up. In addition, artificial turf can get hot when exposed to direct summer sunlight for an extended period of time. Watering down the yard periodically can immediately cool it down while making sure it gets shade from trees or awnings can keep artificial turf cool in the first place.

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