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Natural Latex: A Healthier Sleep

June 6, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: The Foam Factory, Inc.

Learn why natural latex is becoming most consumers’ number one choice for a healthy sleep.

healthy-sleepOne of the recent scientific breakthroughs in the world of sleep research is that the same chemicals that protect us from the danger of fire also present a risk to us as we sleep. More and more, people are opting to switch to a natural latex memory foam from Canada. These pads provide all the comfort and support you need, without the harmful chemicals.

Natural is Better

Most polyurethane foam sheets are formed of a natural rubber, but there are some that are made synthetically. Those synthetic pads might not be the best surfaces for sleeping if you’re asthmatic, or if you have breathing problems.

Natural latex is also anti-microbial, which means your bed will have an additional layer of defense against micro-organisms that can make you sick.  Natural latex is also resistant to dust mites, and won’t hold moisture so there is little danger of mold or mildew forming.

Latex foam from Canada is designed to conform to the body, so it supports the curve of the spine or the hips for an aligned back while you sleep. This will help you wake up less frequently with back pain. Latex also doesn’t deteriorate over time, so the added shelf life is a huge bonus for those looking to save money.

Final Thoughts

You can opt for a mattress topper or pillow made of natural latex and get many of the same benefits you might get if you swapped your mattress out entirely.  Those with allergies might also want to try natural latex, as it tends to stop the constant sneezing and sniffles that plague your sleep.

Quality Cushion Filling Material for the Perfect RV DIY Project

March 14, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Quality Cushion Filling Material for the Perfect RV DIY ProjectWritten by: The Foam Factory

RV’s are one of the most popular vehicles on the market. It allows you the opportunity to travel in comfort and enjoy the pleasure of sleeping in your own bed and cooking your own food.

A couple of the important factors for having maximum comfort are having your rv cushions and mattresses in good condition. Over time these items become lumpy or shapeless, which makes it important to find the right fillings for replacement.

While fiberfill is shown for cushion filling, in reality this material will not stand up to the rigid life of RV living. It does not provide the constant support that is shown in other products of this kind.

One of the most popular inserts for rv bedding is latex foam. This material can be cut to shape or size, which makes it easy to re-store your comfort items to their original condition. Another option is Marine Foam Polyurethane, which is available in a thickness of 1″ to 3″. This foam is available in sheets 48″ wide and 72″ long and can be cut to size.

Both latex and polyurethane fillers are available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm. This makes it possible to make a selection that will not only provide comfort but will provide excellent support, regardless of the user’s weight, and will provide the pinpointed support necessary.

Replacing an RV’s pillow or mattress filling will provide an elasticity that will adjust instantly to your body’s requirements. This can add to the joy of RV living.

Why Outdoor Foam Makes a Difference

February 22, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Why Outdoor Foam Makes a DifferencePatio furniture is exposed to the elements all year long, so the cushions and material have to be able to withstand everything from rain to harsh sun. Even animals resting on cushions can cause damage. The kind of foam used in production of these cushions offers better protection from the elements. If you want to give your old patio furniture a facelift, you might be surprised at the value you’ll get out of outdoor foam.

The Dryfast Difference

Dryfast should be the next outdoor foam replacement you go with, because the advantages are clear. Dryfast offers large, open-celled foam that gives the foam unparalleled air flow. Water passes through the foam quite quickly. As a result, your chairs will dry faster after storms. With good canvas material, your chairs can resist sun exposure as well.

Moisture also creates the perfect home for bacteria and mold to grow. Dryfast’s breathability helps keep the foam dry, but the anti-microbial properties of the foam’s treatment prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Outdoor furniture cushions with this treatment are safe to lie on all year long.

Final Thoughts

The costs of ordering a foam sheet online are significantly less than the costs of ordering an expensive brand-name cushion. The one caveat is equipment. If you already have some sewing skills, making a cover will be as simple as measuring and ordering the fabric. Custom-cut foam sheets can be shipped at the exact size and shape you need, so you won’t need cutting tools to complete the project.

Bio: The Foam Factory is a supplier and manufacturer of foam goods for the home, and industrial use, based out of Southeast Michigan.

Common Mistakes People Make To Improve Energy Efficiency

August 25, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Closing Your Bedroom DoorsSummers can be hot and winters can be cold. We cannot control the weather outside, but indoors, we can maintain a constant temperature. Your A/C or furnace unit, while extremely handy, can take a big chunk out of your pocket if left on. In an attempt to save money and energy, here are some common misconceptions that people still make today.

Closing Your Bedroom Doors

By closing your bedroom doors, you can limit the amount of air movement required to heat or cool down a room. This makes sense at first, but when you break it down air will remain trapped and continue to build up pressure. This will force the air to escape and attract more air to replace the amount lost. Expect to see a 200% increase in air drawn and a definite increase in your utility bills.

Will Closing My Heat Vents Save Energy?

The answer is no. One common misconception is that closing your heat vents will reduce your usage of energy. This is actually the opposite and can potentially harm your furnace. When you close your heat vents, pressure is built up and forced into spaces where you don’t even need it at. You’re still paying for your energy, but it’s drawn to places that you can’t use.

Thick Walls Do Not Mean Better Efficiency

Many people believe that their wall thickness determines their efficiency. It does not. The construction of your wall is important because the amount of heat being released outside is dependent on the properties of your wall.

People continue to apply these methods to their homes every day. Not only will this reduce your energy efficiency but many people are so adamant that their theory works. It’s no wonder homeowners are baffled when they see their utility bill.



Air Filters: A Quick Guide

February 26, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

air filterWritten by: Your Filter Connection

Everyday, dust mites feed off the 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells the body sheds every minute, but before they can, mites need dust to mature.  And one of the biggest methods for preventing dust from entering a home is a clean A/C or heater filters.  Even worse, old and worn-out devices can cause heavy loads of dust, lead to allergies and even asthma flare-ups. If you’re in the market for a new filter, here’s a quick guide for understanding the differences and usages for each one.


Fiberglass and Polyester


Considered the cheapest of the four, fiberglass and polyester capture large particles like lint and dust. However, because of their inability to capture smaller objects—like pollen or dander—people with sensitive noses can still experience discomfort. Still, because of their inexpensiveness and simplicity to dispose of, most people will choose these types of filters.


Washable and Reusable

Upping the purchasing cost, washable filters provide a convenient solution to protecting homes against large particles. Ideal for either furnaces or air filters, these products can be used for years, so long as they are cleaned regularly. For example, a replacement honeywell air filter can last a few months or a few years if the filter is washable. Disposable options also exist if the goal is immediate cost-savings.



Compared to the previous two, pleated filters are easily disposed of while capturing larger particles through its mesh lining. Typically, pleated filters work well with protecting a household against dust mites and lint, but against smaller objects, like virus carriers, smog and smoke, these filters prove futile.



Electrostatic filters offer protection against small and large particles, but compared to the others, requires constant changing to maintain its effectiveness. Still, an electrostatic furnace filter or an A/C unit will ward off pollen, smoke, smog, virus carriers and even mold. For individuals with intense allergies or asthma attacks should consider investing in electrostatic filters. The added quality ensures the best possible air quality with the fewest possible pollutants.


While each of the four provides its own advantages and disadvantages, they all help ward off some type of pollutant that can further aggravate asthma or allergies. Depending on your sensitivity to pollen or dust, you may not need an expensive filter. And to further prevent any flare-ups, ensure to clean your sheets, remove any carpeting and ensure carpets are vacuumed regularly.

Ideas to Improve Energy Efficiency in the Home

February 4, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Everyone has a temperature they feel most comfortable at, and most of us are willing to spend at least some of our hard earned dollars to try and achieve that. Air conditioning and heating are one of the greatest modern achievements, but energy has become increasingly expensive over time. It’s no longer cost-effective to run the HVAC all day long. A better alternative is to explore some options you have around the house to regulate the temperature and prevent hot or cold air loss. Here are just a few of the recent improvements consumers have access to, and how they affect your home.

Replace Doors and Windows

If you walk the house during the cold season, you’ll notice that some parts of the house are draftier than others. This is because of small gaps that appear over time, like gaps in the paint or worn down weather stripping, that leak hot or cold air from our space. Sealant can help, but replacing windows can be especially effective if the windows are older than ten years. New improvements have made windows even better at regulating temperature through heat loss.

Replace HVAC Filters

The filters of an HVAC unit are important to replace on a regular basis. They can help improve the air quality in your home, but they also protect the internals of your heating and air conditioning unit. These filters are easy to replace, inexpensive and they will improve the long-term sustainability of your AC unit.

Bio: ETO Doors has two showrooms located in Los Angeles and New York. ETO Doors reviews from real customers are available online, or you can browse the entire ETO Doors catalog.

Eco Friendly Projects to Do Around the Home

October 21, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by: Toolsmith Direct

Looking for methods to green up your lifestyle without breaking your budget? You can actually save money with some of these tips for going green. All of these projects are simple to do yourself, and promote a greener lifestyle. You’ll need some Kawasaki tools, like a drill, a socket set, and boxes of screws and nails. None of these projects is particularly difficult, except for replacing a countertop, and most can be done within a weekend.

Read on for a few ideas on eco friendly projects you can do around your home.

Install a Clothes Line

The revolutionary solar clothes dryer, or clothes line in common-speak, is fairly simple to erect. It requires two anchor points and a rope, so there is plenty of room for experimentation. You can use a Powerbuilt drill to create a starter hole in the boards near your roof, the same place where you might hang Christmas lights. You can also run your rope around a tree, or anchor a pole into the ground. Stretch the chord taut and pick up a bag of wood clothes pins online.

Remodel and Green Up Your Kitchen

There are a few approaches to an eco-friendly kitchen, and all of them are viable. Solar screens, for instance, can give you protection from the heat of the sun with the option to let a breeze into your home. You can also purchase newer and more energy efficient appliances. You can use a Trades Pro hammer or pry bar to loosen your counter top, and replace it with a renewable surface like granite.

Change the Paint You Use

If you switch to a non-toxic paint, it generally increases the quality of living in your home. The paint is also designed to make it difficult for mold spores to grow. The freedom from chemicals like formaldehyde are especially good in homes with kids, who may be susceptible to chemicals in the air more so than adults. If you cannot use no-VOC paints, utilize low-VOC paints and clear the home after painting has finished. During painting, be sure that you are wearing a mask and are not directly breathing fumes.


With a few tweaks, and a weekend or two of spare time, you can green your house and lower your footprint on the environment. You can extend your green lifestyle into all the things you use around the house, like cleaners made of natural liquids.

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Help the Environment By Switching to Artificial Grass

October 20, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

This article was written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division.

Making a commitment to “go green” with your home makes sense in a variety of ways. A home that is environmentally conscious is not only good for the environment but also can save homeowners a significant amount of money with factors including reduced power and water bills. Doing things like installing solar panels or using energy efficient appliances area are great for the environment, but did you know that switching your lawn to synthetic grass can also be a big help?

There are many reasons why a synthetic turf lawn is a significant improvement over a natural grass lawn for the environment, starting with water conservation. According to the EPA, the average household uses 320 gallons of water a day, with 30 percent of that used outdoors. Much of this comes from the need to constantly water lawns to keep them fresh and green. Switching to an artificial grass lawn eliminates almost all need for watering, meaning that you can potentially save thousands of gallons of water in a year.

Along with saving water, switching to an artificial turf lawn has other benefits for the environment. Artificial grass doesn’t require chemicals and pesticides, which can run off from the lawn and into the street and sewer. You also don’t need to use equipment such as lawnmowers and edgers which run on gas and emit carbon dioxide into the air. These are just some of the reasons why switching to an artificial grass lawn makes environmental sense along with helping you to save money.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division is the wholesale division of Artificial Turf Supply. Visit their site to browse through the latest selection of high-quality artificial turf.

Green Jobs Around the House

August 22, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written By Toolsmith Direct

When it comes to fixing your house up, one of the greenest things you can do is handle the project on your own. After all, you live there, so that’s already saving gas. Plus, not a lot of professionals are dedicated to green services. Those that are may simply say as much for your business. But you know you’re committed and that you’ll do a good job too, so it makes sense to simply attach the problem on your own.

First, plan out the job all the way through. Waste is a big contributor to pollution and debris that ends up in landfill. Also, the more you have to do something over, the more energy you use.

Once you have your plan, you should know what kinds of tools you need. Trades pro and Kawasaki tools both make some green options, so you may want to start there. Otherwise, think about buying used tools.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to get started. Be calculated with your approach so your plan is executed to a “t” and waste kept to a minimum.


Are you the type who likes to handle household projects all on your own? If so, it makes sense that you need the right tools to do the best job; otherwise, why not just hire and pay someone else to do it. Whether it’s a snap-on generator, a socket set or any other tool you need, Toolsmith Direct has you covered with name brands like Powerbuilt and more.

Tips to Secure the Doors in Your Home

July 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Intruders usually enter through doors and windows of the home. Since burglars tend to identify unsecured homes for break-ins, it’s important to reinforce and secure these entry ways. Doors should also be secured against extreme weather, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. A bit of planning and these tips can help you prevent unauthorized break-ins and protect your home from catastrophic weather events.

Cost-effective lighting at entrances

Lights at the entry door, garage(s), or side/back doors are important. Make sure you’ve installed bright lights at these entrances. Install motion sensor lights if you’re concerned about remembering to turn the lights on at dusk. These lights are stimulated when an individual walks past them. Solar powered lighting is another cost-effective strategy for securing these entrances.

Peepholes and deadbolts

Small changes, such as peepholes at front or frequently used side and back doors, can add security to your entrance points. Deadbolts are also a low-cost and effective strategy for protecting the home from the inside out.

Secure sliding glass doors and adjacent windows

Sliding doors with glass are beautiful, but easily broken by intruders seeking access to the home. Install horizontally fitted bar locks on these doors, and make sure to add window locks adjacent to the door. Don’t install bars with keys because, in an emergency, these might not be handy.

Extreme weather

Keep doors closed and locked at all times, and close windows, shades, blinds, and curtains when you’re away from home. Make sure that all inner and outer doors are locked. If you live in an area where storms frequently occur, storm shutters should be available for use prior to the arrival of a hurricane or other extreme storm. Alternatively, use wooden boards and nails to keep windows protected and sealed shut before the storm hits.


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