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Cozy Bedroom Tips for the Winter

January 21, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 


By BeddingStyle

Our bodies try to regulate temperature at night, so if the bedroom is too cold and uncomfortable then our sleep is disrupted. A bed in a bag contains a comforter and sheets, but is it enough to keep you warm this winter? Keeping a warmer room doesn’t mean you have to crank on the heater. Read on for some tips to warm the room without raising the heating bill.


Duvet cover sets offer reasonable warmth in the bedroom, and they don’t add too much weight or heat for those who sleep cool. Memory foam toppers can be another idea to help insulate your body. The dense cells trap body heat and make you warm throughout the night.


One of the best improvements you can make to your home is adding double-pane windows that help insulate the room. Dress them in curtains to keep out the colder temperatures. Thick curtains do this well, but beware that sun-blocking curtains are designed to repel light and don’t usually help warm you. Natural light, when available is another excellent source of warmth in the home.


Those with hardwood flooring might benefit from an oversized area rug under the foot of the bed. Rugs will get cold, but not as cold as the wood. That extra bit of warmth is often just enough to help you transition into the rest of your morning.

From designer bedding to insulated curtains, these simple and effective methods will help warm your bedroom without cranking up the heat.

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