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Electric fences in farms

January 13, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 


Electric fences when used in farms act as psychological barriers ensuring that farm animals are kept within the bounds of the farm and wild animals are kept at bay. Some Electric fences acts over long distances. The electric fence works by receiving a pulse charge from a charger which is found on the ground. When an animal comes in contact with the boundary, it receives a safe but sharp shock and is thus psychologically trained to avoid that boundary.

Since the electric fence acts as a psychological boundary, it does not need a great amount of power to be effective. The electric fencing system would however need to be well designed in order to effectively absorb any pressure from the elements of the weather and the animals themselves. The fencing charger would need to be powerful enough to provide current for all the length of the fence and the volume of animals being contained.

Livestock fencing is one of the most economical solutions for enclosing animals while at the same time keeping undesired predators away. Electric fences are easy to install and would tend to last longer than regular fences. Since the animals would tend to avoid the fencing after the first shock, the fencing would be able to last longer. Electric fencing are also used by vegetable farmers seeking to protect their plants and vegetables from rabbits.

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