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Fossil fuel contributing more to greenhouse gas emissions

November 17, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities cause the planet to warm up is no secret. The warming leads to extreme weather changes more frequent than ever. In order to slowdown the deterioration of the world environment, sustainable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are required and required immediately.

BP estimates that carbon dioxide emissions just from fossil fuel alone will be increased by 29 percent by 2035 from 2012 levels. Major contributor is the growing use of coal by developing nations. Aggressive policies and programs are required to slowdown the unsustainable increase in greenhouse gas emissions. However many challenges are existing at this time preventing developing a worldwide consensus for how to handle the issue. It was announced recently that the US and China agreed to a policy to limit and to cut down greenhouse emission levels by 2035. Commitments of these kinds of non-binding bi-lateral agreements are hard to monitor and implement. Entities such as the United Nations are working vehemently to come up with a binding agreement to cut down gas emissions. Each government should take the matter to the heart and work to corporate in order to save the planet for generations to come.

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