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Installing Artificial Grass Where Natural Grass Won’t Grow

December 2, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Homeowners install artificial turf for a variety of reasons. Some people love the idea of almost completely eliminating the maintenance needed to have a beautiful lawn. Others see the financial and environmental benefits of switching from a natural grass lawn to a synthetic lawn. But for some people, installing artificial grass is more of a necessity than a preference.

This is because they have areas in their homes where natural grass won’t grow or has trouble growing properly. This means that they need to consider alternative methods if they don’t want to have dirt-filled patches or spots in their yard. Synthetic turf provides an outstanding solution that gives them a great looking lawn no matter what time of year or where it is installed.

There are many reasons why artificial turf might be a needed replacement for natural grass:

Shady spots: It’s tough to grow grass in areas under trees and overhangs or other spots that are usually shady. Without enough direct sunlight, the grass won’t reach its full growth potential.

Wet areas: Whether it’s specific spots that get frequent water or whole yards in wet climates, high amounts of water can ruin lawns. Installing artificial grass can ensure that the lawn will look great and avoid muddy footprints indoors.

Acidic lawns: Some lawns have high levels of acidity by nature. This can make it difficult to successful grow natural grass and lead to some extreme steps in order to attempt to grow a lawn.

Overused yards: Parts of the lawn that receive a high level of foot traffic can have the grass worn out over time.

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