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It’s time to change your incandescent light bulbs

April 18, 2012 by · Leave a Comment 

A new breed of more efficient light bulbs is coming to the market. The CFLs, compact fluorescent light bulbs, have been in use for a while. The most recent addition to the family is LED, light emitting diodes. Both are 80 percent more efficient than their previous cousin, incandescent light bulbs and last longer.

New technologically advanced bulbs can help reduce your monthly electric bill. You don’t have to wait till your old bulb goes out. If you replace them with a new improved variety you can start your savings sooner and help the environment.

New varieties could last up to 10 times longer than the old incandescent bulbs and use 75 to 80 percent less electricity. So, you will be replacing your bulbs less frequently.

Your savings from replacing an old 100W incandescent bulb with a new improved CFL or LED lights could save over $67 over the life of the bulb according to the Southern California Edison Company, a provider of electricity in Southern California.

CFLs and LEDs come in a wide variety of bulbs that are suitable for outdoors and indoors. Also, they can be purchased in various sizes and types such as dimmable, 3-way, globe, reflector and many others.

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