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Learn to reuse your furniture

December 13, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

Usually, after several years of use, you might start to notice that your furniture cushions have lost some of their shape and density and have dropped down or become saggy. These types of slouched cushions are uncomfortable to sit on as they usually do not provide enough support to the body.

A good solution to be able to reuse your furniture and to gain back the comfort that it initially had to to change the cushions. You could also just opt for a change in the foam filling, thus preserving the initial cover of the cushion, especially if you like the fabric. Some foam manufacturing companies would be able to provide you with custom-cut foam once you have provided dimensions of your cushions.

Generally, you might opt for high density foams for such a replacement project. These types of foam are made of open cells which makes it become more comfortable. This type of foam would be more durable and would hold its shape longer without going saggy quickly.

Carlo Badalament has been involved in the foam industry for several decades now. He has been able to provide advices throughout his career on the right choice of foam for different projects. iIf you are looking to revamp your outdoor furniture, you might consider custom outdoor cushions. These types of cushions are specially made to be fast-drying and durable.

Foam Factory, Inc, specializes in foam solutions for different DIY projects for indoors and outdoors use such as custom cushions or foam mattresses.

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