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Quality Foam for Outdoor seats and cushions straight from Canada

April 11, 2015 by · Leave a Comment 

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

When it comes to revamping old cushions or outdoor seats, it might be more sensible to invest in good quality foam for the replacement project. A DIY project would enable you to control which material is used in the project. It would also allow you to get some gratification from performing the changes yourself. The qualities that you would need to look for when searching for replacement foams are listed below.


If your previous cushions did not last long, you might want to opt for more durable materials this time around. This would prevent you from having to replace your cushions often. If the cushions are going to be used for outdoor furniture, it might be worthwhile to opt for open-celled foams. These types of foams do not retain so much water and are easily dried out. Going for flexible polyurethane foam is ideal for this.

Fast Drying

If you are searching for upholstery foam Canada, you might want to consider one that is suited for the canadian weather. Fast-drying foams would not retain humidity from molten snow or rain. These types of foams also deter the formation of various bacteria that might thrive in other types of outdoor foams.

Custom Cut

In order to ensure the smooth running of the DIY project, you might want to enquire with the foam company whether you would be able to procure custom cut foams of various dimensions to fit each outdoor seat.

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