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Recycling Helps Consumers Sell Cell Phones

June 11, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

There are few online resources as valuable and practical as, the cell phone recycling price comparison site designed to help consumers like sell phones and receive the most cash for it.

With its simple, user-friendly site and quick turnaround time,, is making a name for itself.

We all know that old, unwanted, and broken cell phones should be recycled. But who has the time to find (and drive to) a recycling drop off center? However, through consumers can mail in their used cell phones and receive cash for it. Here’s how:

  • Find your cell phone. Use the simple search box at the top of the home page to find your cell phone.
  • Choose the best deal. After you have found your cell phone, you will be presented with prices from all the leading cell phone buyers on the market. Browse the prices to find the best deal on the Internet.
  • Send in your phone for FREE. Once you’ve selected the recycler you wish to sell your cell phone to, simply mail your phone to the company without spending any money.
  • Receive your money. After you have mailed in your cell phone, you’re done. Simply wait for your money or vouchers to arrive in the mail!

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