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The SunWize Referral Program

February 25, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

If you are an existing SunWize customer, then you are already seeing the benefits of having home solar panels replacing your traditional energy source. Chances are that you’ve told your friends and family all about your switch to solar power and how it’s saved you money and help you conserve energy. So why not get paid for helping other people shift to solar?

SunWize offers a referral program for existing customers who help convince other people to switch to solar power. It’s very simple: for every person you refer to SunWize who completes an installation, you’ll receive $200 for every kW of their total system size. You’ll even receive $50 if a person completes a solar installation assessment but doesn’t complete the installation. To learn more about the SunWize referral program, please go to

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