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What to do with plastic bags

June 20, 2014 by · Leave a Comment 

The City of Los Angeles is the most recent large city in the United States to join the ban of plastic grocery bags in grocery stores. Many expect the trend to continue with other large and small cities throughout the country joining the ban. Single use plastic bags such as those used in grocery stores are bigger threat to the environment. Not just the hazard they create, they are also hard to decompose. An Australian study reveals that energy spent on manufacturing plastic bags can’t justify the one time use of a plastic bag.

Plastic bags may not take up that much of space in a landfill. But many articles explicitly discuss how plastic bags can become a hazard to wild and marine mammal life. Not just the mammals, a layer of hard to degrade plastic bags are found on beaches and under the water. Above all, plastic bags are an annoyance to many.

In many countries, especially in developing countries, plastic bags are used and reused for many purposes and therefore, deliver more than one time use. However, the recycling of plastic bags in developing countries is a huge issue and bags are contributing more to environmental degradation.

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