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Why Outdoor Foam Makes a Difference

February 22, 2016 by · Leave a Comment 

Why Outdoor Foam Makes a DifferencePatio furniture is exposed to the elements all year long, so the cushions and material have to be able to withstand everything from rain to harsh sun. Even animals resting on cushions can cause damage. The kind of foam used in production of these cushions offers better protection from the elements. If you want to give your old patio furniture a facelift, you might be surprised at the value you’ll get out of outdoor foam.

The Dryfast Difference

Dryfast should be the next outdoor foam replacement you go with, because the advantages are clear. Dryfast offers large, open-celled foam that gives the foam unparalleled air flow. Water passes through the foam quite quickly. As a result, your chairs will dry faster after storms. With good canvas material, your chairs can resist sun exposure as well.

Moisture also creates the perfect home for bacteria and mold to grow. Dryfast’s breathability helps keep the foam dry, but the anti-microbial properties of the foam’s treatment prevent mold and bacteria from growing. Outdoor furniture cushions with this treatment are safe to lie on all year long.

Final Thoughts

The costs of ordering a foam sheet online are significantly less than the costs of ordering an expensive brand-name cushion. The one caveat is equipment. If you already have some sewing skills, making a cover will be as simple as measuring and ordering the fabric. Custom-cut foam sheets can be shipped at the exact size and shape you need, so you won’t need cutting tools to complete the project.

Bio: The Foam Factory is a supplier and manufacturer of foam goods for the home, and industrial use, based out of Southeast Michigan.

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