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Storing nuclear waste and politics in the US

Since 1950s, nuclear waste is filing up at the source in the US. It is estimated that the United States has over 70,000 metric tons of nuclear waste stored at more than 130 sites all around the country. More than two thirds of it stored in pools of water and the reminder in thickly lined casks. Storing nuclear waste safely and environmentally sensitive manner in the United States appears to be caught... [Read more]

What to do with plastic bags

The City of Los Angeles is the most recent large city in the United States to join the ban of plastic grocery bags in grocery stores. Many expect the trend to continue with other large and small cities throughout the country joining the ban. Single use plastic bags such as those used in grocery stores are bigger threat to the environment. Not just the hazard they create, they are also hard to decompose.... [Read more]

New environmentally sensitive solutions for deep sea drilling

The Deepwater Horizon platform disaster and subsequent environmental damage that started in 2010 brought the underwater drilling to the forefront. Few years later, the attention is now focused on placing production equipment directly on the seafloor, under 10,000 feet of water. One reason, it is cheaper to place equipment and operations on the bed of the seafloor compared to above water platforms.... [Read more]

Space Junk, an environmental disaster waiting to happen

If you think environmental pollution is only on the surface of the planet, think again. According to the Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordinating Committee, a global consortium that track space junk not only monitor they also track special events such as fallen debris from particular space apparatus. Since 1957 when Soviet’s first send the Sputnik 1 to the space, more than 7,100 apparatus now orbits... [Read more]

Bold new moves from Ford to save the environment

Ford Motor is making calculated and bold movement. When redesigned 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck hit the market, it will come with a lightweight aluminum instead of traditional welded steel cab and cargo bed. It is the most important news of the 111 year history of the company. The move will cost Ford millions of dollars to switch factory equipment, assembly lines, retooling and engineering expenses.... [Read more]

Responsible drilling mad dash taking place in the Gulf of Mexico

BP’s April 2010 Gulf disaster happened not too long ago. It led to a five month drilling moratorium in the Gulf. But within last few months more than ten new mega oil discoveries happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Billions of dollars have been invested in deep-water wells off of Louisiana and Texas since the BP disaster. Drillers in the Gulf of Mexico include BP, Hess, Chevron, Royal Dutch, Anadarko... [Read more]

Rising sea level to swallow few island nations

Article written by : Quick Home Tips  Global warming is threatening the mere survival of many island nations. Since 1800s, sea level has risen nearly a foot. Rising sea level is impacting more island nations in the Pacific and Indian oceans than any other. Among island nations that are threatened by rising sea level, Maldives (in the Indian Ocean), Nauru and Kiribati (a former partial British colony... [Read more]

Burning waste to make steam and electricity

The U.S. Congress sends approximately 5,000 tons of garbage a year to Covanta Energy’s plant located ten miles outside Washington D.C. This generates enough power for about 250 homes. The U.S. generates about 250 million tons of waste a year and only about 87 million tons of it recycled. Imagine how many homes this can be powered by the rest of the waste? Burning waste will be a better alternative... [Read more]

Climate change to cause more wildfires

The Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona in June 2013 caused the loss of almost the entire firefighting team of Granite Mountain Hotshots. Only one member of the team was spared. During the 2013 fire season, the U.S. lost 32 people fighting wild fires, the largest number in nearly 20 years. Another huge wildfire spread near Yosemite National Park threatening some of the nature’s best. People are moving... [Read more]

Environmental friendly hybrids and electric vehicle sales are on the rise

Just about every car maker is coming out with an electric, hybrid and other clean vehicles. This is welcome news for the planet and the world’s environment. Consumers armed with government incentives are buying more and more environment friendly vehicles. After the power plants, the transportation accounts for 28 percent of the U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. According to the New York Times, increased... [Read more]

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