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Tips On Going Green

July 12, 2009 by · Leave a Comment 

One important action you can take to make an impact on our environment is to purchase items with less packaging. While it is true you can choose products with cartons that can be recycled, such as plastic or paper, it is even better to choose products that have little to no packaging in the first place. As you shop for fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits, take along your own green bags. These are reusable bags that prevent fruits and veggies from spoiling as fast. Wash the green bag after use and use up to 10 times per bag. As you purchase other items, keep in mind which ones contain the least harmful packaging and which ones use less of it. You’ll be doing our landfills service by shopping consciously.

To extend your eco-friendliness even further, shop at natural health food stores such as co-ops and other grocery stores that specialize in health food, local food or organic food. Here, you can fill your own containers from home with dried goods such as lentils, beans and other staples. This also reduces the amount of packaging used and it is often made locally and organically, which is a positive for both you and the earth.

Shopping at health food stores also allows you to “vote with your dollars”. It is a common phrase that refers to the economy reflecting where you are spending. If you shop at major grocery stores that are globally dangerous, then that is what will be mass produced. However, if you decide to use your money to purchase goods that are eco-friendly in practice, this will reflect upon the economy as well. Choose products that are made with less preservatives, less packaging and less dyes. While it may be more expensive now, it is more beneficial to humans and the earth in the long run.

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